I am a PhD student at INRIA CARAMBA, working with Emmanuel Thomé and Pierre-Jean Spaenlehauer. I am interested in the algorithmics of Drinfeld modules and their applications to post-quantum isogeny-based cryptography. I also have a degree in musicology and in mechanics.

Research summary

Drinfeld modules can be thought as function field analogues of elliptic curves. In our first paper, my advisor and I gave a fast and short algorithm computing the following action: the Jacobian of an imaginary hyperelliptic curve over Fq acts on a set of isomorphism classes of Drinfeld modules. This is an analogue of the CRS action of the class group of a quadratic imaginary number field on a set of isomorphism classes of elliptic curves. (See also [Caranay, Greenberg, Scheidler; 2020] and [Joux, Narayanan; 2019].)

I am now working with Xavier Caruso on the computation of Drinfeld module isogeny norms and endomorphism characteristic polynomials (not restricting to the Frobenius case). (See also [Musleh, Schost; 2019]).

Generally speaking, my goal is to write a well-designed reliable and efficient algorithmic toolbox for Drinfeld modules, helping both mathematicians and cryptographers.


I wish to contribute to cryptography, which I believe is the cornerstone of numerous human rights. By trying to be a craftman at my work, I hope to be reliable; and most all, helpful.