I’m very happy to co-organize, with Claire Gardent, the Python4NLP summer school in Nancy, France, during the last weel of August.

The school is already full, but encouraged by this success, we plan to re-do this school regularly, every year !

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

OLKi platform

Our OLKi project is progressing, and our federated platform is little by little getting into shape: the first mock-up is online ! Once completed, it will be the first ActivityPub-powered scientific social network…

Stay tuned for a feature-rich platform by the end of 2019 !


mutt is a text-based mailer: when you have big mailboxes, it’s much much faster and efficient than standard web mail interfaces and heavy clients. But of course, because it’s text-based, it’s also less “nice, fancy and beautiful”. But I care much more about speed than design, so, here is my config file to use mutt with INRIA zimbra: set copy="yes" # Save sent mail on Zimbra set from="" # Your email set folder="imaps://zimbra. [Read More]

Paper to epub / kindle

The scientific community is used to publish papers in the PDF format, which is nice to read on big screens, but is an abomination on smaller screens, especially smartphones and e-ink screens (epub readers, kindle…). All scientists have to read a lot of papers, actually so many that it’d be a relief to be able to read some while on the go, or on ebook readers under the sun. But converting from PDF to epub format is never satisfactory, when we only have access to the PDF and not the source of the paper. [Read More]