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(affiliated with IJCAR 2016)

Coimbra, Portugal. July 1st, 2016.

Extended submission deadline: May 13th

A one day workshop on Logics for Resources, Processes, and Programs will be held the 1st July 2016 in conjunction with IJCAR 2016

A special issue of a Journal is expected on these topics after the workshop.


The notion of resource is a basic one in many fields, but it appears as central in computer science. The location, ownership, access to, distribution of, mobility of, and, indeed, consumption of, resources are central concerns in the design of systems (such as networks and operating systems) and of programs which access memory and manipulate data structures (such as pointers). Various logics, typically involving substructural connectives, have been proposed in order to provide a logical analysis of this notion from different viewpoints. Examples include linear logic (number-of-uses reading), the bunched implications logic (sharing and separating interpretations), so-called separation and spatial logics (pointer logic and local reasoning, logics for concurrency, logics for data structures such as trees). Logics such as these, which may include a wide range of modalities and domain-specific operators, allow the description of properties of systems, of process calculi, and of programs, and so provide bases for specification and theorem-proving tools.

The purpose of this workshop would be to discuss recent results on logics for modelling resources, processes, programs, and their interactions in the context of the specification and verification of programs and (communicating, distributed) systems.

The workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussion between researchers interested in topics including, but not limited to, the following areas:

We envisage a range of perspectives: proof-theoretic foundations, including decidability and complexity; model-theoretic, including semantic foundations (e.g., new resource semantics); specification of properties and behaviours; and verification and analysis of programs and systems. Of increasing importance in these areas are connections with concepts of agency, strategy, and utility, with applications to decision-making and policy formulation. We therefore particularly encourage submissions employing ideas from epistemic logic, game theory, and utility theory and their inter-relationships.

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Researchers interested in presenting their works are invited to send an extended abstract (up to 10 pages)} by e-mail submission (with the subject line ``LRPP 2016 submission'') of a PDF file to Didier Galmiche ( and David Pym ( by May 13th, 2016 . Papers will be reviewed by peers, typically members of the programme committee.

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