Senior researcher (yliopistotutkija) in data science at the School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland.
Junior researcher (CR) at Inria (on leave).

In 2018, I was Postdoctoral researcher in the data mining group at the Computer Science department, Aalto University, working with Aristides Gionis.
Researcher in the Orpailleur team at Inria Nancy – Grand Est (see also the Loria).
For about a year, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Boston University, working with Evimaria Terzi.
At the end of 2013, I completed my doctoral studies at the Computer Science department, University of Helsinki and the Helsinki Institute for Information Technologies (HIIT), in Helsinki, Finland under the supervision of Hannu Toivonen and Mikko Koivisto.
My doctoral dissertation was about Redescription Mining, working mainly in collaboration with Pauli Miettinen.

Redescription Mining

In scientific investigations data oftentimes have different nature. For instance, they might originate from distinct sources or be cast over separate terminologies. In order to gain insight into the phenomenon of interest, a natural task is to identify the correspondences that exist between these different aspects.
This is the motivating idea of redescription mining. Redescription mining aims to find distinct common characterizations of the same objects and, vice versa, to identify sets of objects that admit multiple shared descriptions.
A practical example in biology consists in finding geographical areas that admit two characterizations, one in terms of their climatic profile and one in terms of the occupying species. Discovering such redescriptions can contribute to better our understanding of the influence of climate over species distribution. Besides biology, applications of redescription mining can be envisaged in medicine or sociology, among other fields.
With Pauli Miettinen, Matthijs Van Leeuwen, Janis Kalofolias, Tetiana Zinchenko and Angelika Kimmig
<hal-01242988> <hal-01399254> <hal-01399213> <hal-01726071>
A brief introduction to redescription mining.
An introductory tutorial on redescription mining, in three flavors.
My doctoral dissertation, titled Methods for Redescription Mining (2013).
Siren - Interactive and visual redescription mining
A tool for interactively mining and visualizing redescriptions.

Other Topics

Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks
We consider the opinion dynamics at play in social networks that influence the individuals. In this context we look for subgraphs such that the social tension arising from profile differences between members is minimized.
In a more recent work, we consider the issue of user subcompartments of social networks where they are mainly exposed to content from like-minded sources. Our goal is to help break these filter-bubbles by exposing people to more diverse content, and to do so by selecting the content that is recommended to the users in a different way.
With Aristides Gionis, Behzad Golshan, Evimaria Terzi, Antonis Matakos and Cigdem Aslay.
Finding Communities in Graphs
Finding communities, is an important problem in graph mining.
Considering commmunities to consist of dense subgraphs, we first study the case of labeled graphs, where we require that each community is succinctly described by a set of labels. Second, we study the problem of finding top-k densest subgraphs, while allowing overlaps.
With Nikolaj Tatti and Aristides Gionis.
<hal-01399127> <hal-01399184>
Safe Urban Navigation
Developing a novel application that utilizes crime data to provide safe urban navigation. Given a model that allows us to estimate the relative probability of a crime on any road segment, we look for short and low-risk paths between a source and a destination locations.
With Evimaria Terzi and Konstantinos Pelechrinis
News recommendation
Devising and exploring a method for recommending news using clusters of user generated comments.
Research intern at Yahoo! Labs Bangalore, IN. July to September 2011. Advised by Dr Vidit Jain
Statistical Machine Translation
Investigating phrase tables, the corner stone of phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation.
Research assistant at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, FI. European project SMART.
February to July 2009. Supervised by Prof. Juho Rousu and advised by Dr Matti Kääriäinen


Brief Introduction to Algorithmic Data Analysis in English (BADA)
Lecturer, University of Eastern Finland, Autumn semester 2020
Advanced studies (MSc), 2 ECTS, ca. 12 students
Algorithmic Data Analysis (ADA)
Lecturer, University of Eastern Finland, Spring semester 2019, Autumn semesters 2019 and 2020
Advanced studies (MSc), 5 ECTS, ca. 12 students
Local Patterns in Data (LPD)
Lecturer, University of Eastern Finland, Spring semester 2020
Advanced studies (MSc), 5 ECTS, ca. 6 students
Probability in Computing
Lecturer, Boston University, Spring semester 2015
Basic studies (BSc), ca. 50 students
Data Mining Project
Assistant, University of Helsinki, Spring semesters 2011, 2012 and 2013
Advanced studies (MSc), ca. 10 students
Data Mining
Assistant, University of Helsinki, Spring semesters 2011 and 2012
Problem based teaching, Lecturer: Prof. Hannu Toivonen
Advanced studies (MSc), ca. 20 students
Scientific Writing
Tutoring students on writing a short scientific report, Autumn semester 2013
Advanced studies (MSc), 4 students