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New stuff !

2016/10/05: New computational record for a hidden-SNFS 1024-bit discrete logarithm. A non-technical description is here, and institute-level coverage is here and here. Some news coverage: The Register; Le Monde; Ars Technica; PC World; silicon.fr; 01net;

2015/05/20: The LOGJAM attack on TLS is out! Using Cado-NFS, we demonstrated the easy computation of individual logs for widely deployed weak DH keys. Some news coverage: Spiegel; Wall Street Journal; BBC News; ars technica; The Register; focus.de; Bloomberg; Wired; Tom's hardware; ComputerWorld; The Next Web; oszone.net; idg.se; silicon.fr; ZDnet; ZDnet France; itexpresso.fr; Westdeutsche Zeitung; derstandard.at; bit-tech.net; threatpost; softpedia; futurezone.at; iguru.gr; digi.no; datenschutz notizen; nextinpact; USA Today; engadget; techrepublic; v3.co.uk; tom's guide; darkreading; thehill; govinfo security; infosecurity magazine; SC Magazine; top tech; Business Insider; iThome (Taiwan); and more to come.

2015/03/01: Cado-NFS has been used for the FREAK attack on TLS.

2014/11/26: I have been awarded the Prix du Chercheur 2014 by the Lorraine Region. Inria press release; Loria press release.

2014/05/12: More news on the quasi-polynomial algorithm for the DLP over small characteristic finite fields:

2014/05/07: I have been awarded the Grand prix de la recherche 2014 de l'Association des Amis de l'Université de Lorraine (Loria web site)

2014/03/29: Announce of record computation for genus 2 complex multiplication. (see my computations page).

2013/06/18: A new heuristic quasi-polynomial algorithm for the DLP over small characteristic finite fields.
This is a significant breakthrough compared to previous state-of-the-art, for a problem whose whose complexity has stayed above the L(1/3) mark for 30 years.
See also there, or there.

Scientific events

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I have a separate page listing some of my noteworthy record computations.


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