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My name is Fernand

I am an alumnus from Inria Nancy, Grand Est in the research team GAMBLE where I did a research intership under the supervision of Olivier Devillers on the exciting project Walks on Delaunay triangulation for non uniform Poisson distribution. This research project end up with a result that gives the expected length of Voronoi path for non uniform Point distribution. I did another intership after this short research phase at IUT Charlemagne under the supervision of Laurent Dupont. This work was focused on conception of algorithm for printing mesh objects in 3D.

I hold a Master's degree in Algebra and Geometry at University of Yaounde 1, in Cameroon with expertise in Groebner basis, multivariate polynomials, Coding theory, Group theory, Combinatorial theory, Design theory, Matroid theory, Graphs theory, Algebraic goemetry, Algebraic topology, Number theory, Ring and modulus, commutative algebra, Multilatices and fuzzy algebra. And I am also an alumnus from the fith batch from AIMS Cameroon.

A few things about me
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About me
My full name is Fernand KUIEBOVE PEFIREKO. To have more informations about me you can find here my CV.
A few ways to come in contact
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Fernand Kuiebove Pefireko
Email: fernand.kuiebove@aims-cameroon.org