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My name is Galatée

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science, part of the research team GAMBLE in Nancy, France. I have the privilege of working with Xavier Goaoc on the exciting topic Geometry and Alogrithmics for Inclusion-Exclusion.

Website under construction.

A few things about me
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About me
My full name is Galatée Enora Hémery. I was born in Lorient, France (that's here) on 17 August 1994

Website under construction.

For a more detailed idea of what I've done so far, you can have a look at my CV (in French only for now).
A few ways to come in contact
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Galatée Hémery
PhD Candidate, Team GAMBLE
Building B - Office 172
(+33) 06 45 75 93 20
Mailing address
LORIA - UMR 7503
Campus scientifique, BP 239
54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Cedex
GPS address
INRIA Nancy - Grand Est
615, rue du Jardin Botanique
54500 Villers-lès-Nancy

You can also find me on LinkedIn. Follow the link at the bottom.