Welcome / Bonjour / مرحباً

I am a PhD student, working under the the supervision of Emmanuel THOMÉ and Cécile PIERROT in the team CARAMBA at LORIA in Nancy, France.

Research interests:

  • I work on the discrete logarithm problem in finite fields. My main focus is on the multiple variant of the number field sieve.
  • The lattice world and its use in cryptanalysis.
  • Elliptic Curves and their use in cryptography and cryptanalysis.
  • In general, I am interested in computational number theory.

Short Vita:

  • Born in Syria in 1996. Moved to France in 2012.
  • Agrégation title in Mathematics and Master degree in teaching Mathematics in 2020, at university of Paris-Sud, Orsay, France.
  • Master degree in applied Algebra in 2021, at university of Versailles, Versailles, France.
  • Started my PhD in October 2021, at LORIA, Nancy, France, under the supervision of Emmanuel THOMÉ and Cécile PIERROT.
  • Teaches as a tutor at École des Mines, Nancy, France, since 2021.