6th McGill - INRIA Workshop on Computational Geometry in Computer Graphics

Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University
28 January to 2 February 2007

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List of Participants

  • Helmut Alt, Freie Universitat Berlin
  • Stephane Durocher, McGill University
  • Jeff Erickson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Hazel Everett, LORIA
  • Mike Fellows, University of Newcastle
  • Jie Gao, Stony Brook University, New York
  • Panos Giannopoulos, Humbolt University of Berlin
  • Joachim Giesen, MPII, Saarbrucken
  • Marc Glisse, LORIA
  • John Iacono, Polytechnic University, New York
  • Ethan Kim, McGill University
  • David Kirkpatrick, University of British Columbia
  • Rolf Klein, University of Bonn
  • Christian Knauer, Freie Universitat, Berlin
  • Sylvain Lazard, LORIA
  • Lara Narayanan, Concordia University
  • Christophe Paul, McGill University (on leave from LIRMM)
  • Frances Rosamond, University of Newcastle
  • Ileana Streinu, Smith College, Northampton
  • Csaba Toth, MIT
  • Kasturi Varadarajan, University of Iowa
  • Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Univesity of Utah
  • Sue Whitesides, McGill University
  • Steven Wismath, University of Lethbridge
  • Kim Wittlesey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Nathan Yu, McGill University

Photos from Nathan here.

Problems and Solutions

Background reading

On the Number of Lines Tangent to Four Convex Polyhedra or the painfully long version
Layered Manufacturing

Practical Information

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