Iñaki Fernández Pérez, Ph.D. Student in Evolutionary Robotics


I am currently a Ph.D. student in LARSEN Team (previously in MaIA Team), under the supervision of Dr. Amine Boumaza and Dr. François Charpillet. My Ph.D. subject is entitled Apprentissage évolutionnaire Incrémental (Incremental Evolutionary Learning). I am currently studying online, onboard distributed evolutionary algorithms (Embodied Evolutionary Robotics) for the construction of swarm robot controllers. Here you will find my up-to-date CV in english (in french Here).

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My research interests concern robot behaviour synthesis methods inspired from evolution theory. I am specially interested in automated learning with bio-inspired methods and techniques, such as evolutionary algorithms, different types of neural networks, and swarm intelligence. I am very fond of distributed and asynchronous evolution, where several robots adapt at runtime, and help each other to adapt to some task, and this without a previous and separate learning phase, id est, they learn as they perform the task.

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