Iñaki Fernández Pérez, Ph.D. Student in Evolutionary Robotics


I am currently a Ph.D. student in LARSEN Team (previously in MaIA Team), under the supervision of Dr. Amine Boumaza and Dr. François Charpillet. My Ph.D. subject is entitled Incremental Online Distributed Evolution of Behaviors for Multiple Tasks in a Swarm of Robotic Agents. I am currently studying online, onboard, distributed evolutionary algorithms (Embodied Evolutionary Robotics) for the construction of swarm robot controllers. Here you will find my CV in english (an old version in french Here).

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My research interests concern robot behaviour synthesis methods inspired from evolution theory. I am specially interested in automated learning with bioinspired methods and techniques, such as evolutionary algorithms, different types of neural networks, and swarm intelligence. I am very fond of distributed and asynchronous evolution, where several robots adapt to given environments, and help each other to adapt to some task, and this without a separate learning phase, i.e., they learn online as they perform the task.

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