Short Biography

I was born in Madrid (Spain), then I moved to Valladolid. I carried out my Bs.C. in Computer Science, Systems specialty, at the Universidad de Valladolid, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieréa Informática (2006-2009).

In 2010, I went to Nancy (France) as an Erasmus student for doing my B.Sc. final project, in LORIA/INRIA Grand-Est lab, in a 6 months internship within Orpailleur team (data-mining, reasoning systems, formal concept analysis). Then I took an engineer position in the same team, until August 2011. During the time I spent in Orpailleur, I worked in annotated website content navigation, semantic web, with a focus in Semantic wikis and knowledge retrieval bots, and in Formal Concept Analysis (FCA).

In September 2011, I started my Computer Science M.Sc. (Master mention informatique) at the Lorraine University (former Université Henri Poincaré), in Nancy. Then, in the second year, I chose the artificial intelligence specialty, in the research branch (Raisonnement, Apprentissage et Reconnaissance (RAR), recherche, Reasoning, Learning and Recognition, research).

I did my Master thesis internship in MaIA team in LORIA/INRIA lab in Nancy, under the supervision of Dr. Amine Boumaza and Dr. François Charpillet. The thesis was entitled "Robotique évolutionnaire incrémentale" (Incremental evolutionary robotics), and several experiments were reported, using Echo-State neural Networks, which have some memory properties, as controller for some simple navigation and ball-pushing tasks were studied in simulation, in a shaping evolutionary framework where tasks were complexified progressively in order to help learning. Here you can download my master thesis (in french).

In september 2013, I started a Ph.D. entitled Incremental Online Distributed Evolution of Behaviors for Multiple Tasks in a Swarm of Robotic Agents, also under the supervision of Dr. Amine Boumaza and Dr. François Charpillet, in LORIA/INRIA laboratory (Nancy, France). In this work, we are interested in online evolutionary algorithms for swarm robot controller design and adaptation, where the swarm learns to adapt to a sequence of tasks, while retaining previously learned skills.

Other research interests of mine include machine learning, bioinspired neural networks, pattern recognition and other aspects of cognition. I also find philosophical digressions on artificial intelligence very interesting and enlightening.