I am a junior researcher (CR1) at INRIA Nancy – Grand Est, in the CARAMBA team at LORIA in Nancy, France.


My research chiefly focuses on:

  • computer arithmetic, such as multi-precision or finite-field arithmetic;
  • curve-based public-key cryptography;
  • cryptanalytic problems, such as integer factorization and finite-field discrete logarithms;
  • efficient software (x86, manycore, GPU) and hardware (FPGA) implementation of the above.

You can access my list of publications.

Ph.D. students

I am currently co-supervising the Ph.D. thesis of Svyatoslav Covanov (with Emmanuel Thomé).

My former Ph.D. students:


I also teach a few classes at the Computer Science department and École des Mines de Nancy of Université de Lorraine (2016–2017) :