• The Original Snub
  • 00023
  • How Do You Turn This Thing Off?
  • Latin Quarter (by John Zorn)
  • The Sacred Chao
  • Eristic Properties
  • Illuminatus !
  • My Favorite Things (by Richard Rodgers)
  • Fnord.
  • Dr. Leary
  • RAW Audio
  • Inca Roads (by Frank Zappa)
  • What a Dilemna (by Fred Frith)
  • Rainbow Shield
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • ?????
  • Fnord?


  1. A Discordian’s Point of View is a jazz project inspired by the music of John Zorn, Fred Frith, Eric Dolphy, Magma and Frank Zappa.
    It is themed around the discovery of Discordia.
    3. The music is driven in its conception and realisation by both Eristic and Aneristic principles.
    4. A Discordian’s Point of View may be the first of 5 concept albums around the theme of Discordianism (not all of which may actually exist).
    5. Fnord?

The Sacred Chao (Excerpt) :

Other Projects / Compositions :

Music for Elbaran
  • Elbaran
  • Angie’s Lament
  • Tredecim Deos
  • Zak’s Sash
  • Vaugen-Soffik

This is a series of compositions for the tabletop role-playing game Elbaran. « Tredecim Deos » was composed using realistic sample libraires of instruments. The other compositions are jazz tunes.

  • I.M.P Suite (3 movements)
  • A Jittery Feeling

I.M.P is a series of Etudes for piano solo. « I.M.P Suite » is a Theme & Variations divided in 3 movements. « A Jittery Feeling » is a dodecaphonic piece.

  • Tardis (jazz)
  • Hands On! (comedy tribute to Victor Borge for piano)
  • Scotch Egg (jazz)
  • Riley’s Adventure (minimalist composition for small to large ensemble, inspired by « in C » by Terry Riley, using finite state automata to guide the musicians through the score.)
  • Alice’s Task (jazz)
  • Samael (klezmer jazz in the style of Masada)
  • Kolakoski’s Kaleidoscope (WIP – composition using Kolakoski’s sequence for generation)


I sometimes improvise on twitch :
Real-time visualisation using The Snail (from IrcamLab).
No current schedule. Test your luck, especially on friday night.