Charlie Parker’s Omnibook Data

Here you can find :
– Charlie Parker’s Omnibook PDF including all 50 tunes and improvisations.
– Individual Midi file for each tune in the Midi folder.
– Individual MuseScore file for each tune in the MuseScore folder.
– Individual MusicXml file for each tune in the MusicXml folder.
– A licence file for the use of these data.
– A python script to parse MusicXml files.

Omnibook data

All music scores have been encoded by me and exported in Midi and MusicXml (Public Licence 3.0) format using MuseScore 2.0.1.

If you use these data, please cite :

Publications HAL de deguernel

Using Multidimensional Sequences For Improvisation In The OMax Paradigm
Ken Déguernel, Emmanuel Vincent, Gérard Assayag
13th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Aug 2016, Hamburg, Germany
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