Message to students applying for study at Université de Lorraine or research supervision

If you are interested in study or work at Université de Lorraine, we may have a number of interesting curricula or positions for you. But please don't ask me - a vice-president has a strategic role, not an operational one! I advise you to get in touch with the appropriate entities within the university. More information is available here. PhD programs are described here.

If you are interested in research in my scientific field, please bear in mind that in my present position of vice-president, I don't  take any students under my supervision. So again: please, don't ask me! If you are interested in the research activities I did on graphics recognition when I was leader of the Qgar team, or more generally in research activities at LORIA, please note that I am not involved in answering  queries about PhD positions or internships; please get in touch with the research teams of LORIA which are of interest to you.

In all cases, I wish you good luck in your search!