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Bureau B172 LORIA, Campus Scientifique

F54506 Vandœuvre lès Nancy


I am currently a PhD student at Université de Lorraine in Nancy. I am a member of the Inria team Gamble which is also part of the LORIA laboratory, a combined Research Unit (UMR 7503) common to CNRS, INRIA and Université de Lorraine.


I have started my PhD thesis in September 2020 in LORIA. It is supervised by Sylvain Lazard. The field of the thesis is computational geometry and it is focuses on Rounding 3D meshes.


I did a Master of Fondamental Computer Science at ENS de Lyon and I was graduated in 2019. During my four years at ENS, I did five internships:

-March to June 2020, I worked on Depths of Lines and Planes at University of Illinois , United States supervised by Sariel hal-peled .
-October 2019 to February 2020, I worked on Polyhedral metrics at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium supervised by Stefan Langerman .
-March to June 2019, I worked on Rounding 3D meshes at LORIA, France supervised by Sylvain Lazard.
-June to August 2018, I worked on Applying Machine Learning in Protoplanetary disk models at Monash Center of Astrophysics , Australia supervised by Christophe Pinte .
-June/July 2017, I worked on Augmented Reality in urban context at LIRIS , France supervised by Serge Miguet .