Monique Teillaud - Recent Collaborations

Open Source Project
CGAL: Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

ANR Projects
(2018-2021) coordinator of   SoS
(2012-2015) Presage
(2007-2010) Triangles

Associate Teams
(2017- ) coordinator of   Astonishing
(2016) coordinator of the  NEAT (Nancy Emerging Associate Team) Astonishing
(2009-2011) coordinator of  OrbiCG
(2004-2008) Genepi
(2003-2006) Calamata

INRIA Technologic Development Action (ADT)
(2013-2015) OrbiCGAL
(2017, 3 months) P3M3

European Projects
(2005-2008) ACS: Algorithms for Complex Shapes with certified topology and numerics
(2001-2004) Technical project manager of   ECG: Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces

Partenariat Hubert Curien (PHC)
formerly: Integrated Action Program (PAI)
(2007-2008) Geometric concepts and CGAL

Cooperative Research Action (ARC)
(2005-2006) Arcadia: Arrangements of Quadrics, algorithms, implementation and applications

(2005-2006) Optimization Problems in Computational Topology

Monique Teillaud