» Olivier Perrin

"Simplicity is something of infinite beauty"

» Short Bio

I'm full professor (HDR) at the Nancy 2 University, and I'm doing my research at the Loria/INRIA Lorraine research center, a joint laboratory between Nancy Universities, INRIA, and CNRS.
I'm member of the LORIA SCORE team, lead by François Charoy.

If you have comments, if you want more information, details, do not hesitate to contact me, and send me an email (Olivier(dot)Perrin(at)loria(dot)fr).

» Research

My main research interests are Semantic Web Services, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), particularly Web services composition, and Web services monitoring.

In terms of WS composition, we consider the design of reliable Web Services composition. We express the transactional behavior as a semantic information, and we use it to build reliable composite Web services. In order to get a reliable execution of a composite WS, we are infering the transactional behavior of the composite service, e.g. what happens in case of failure, and what kind of compensation policies can we apply in this case. Reciprocally, given a transactional behavior for a composite WS, does the set of chosen WS is compatible with this transactional behavior.

The WS composition enactment and execution are important in order to get the awaited result, despite the distribution in space, time and organizations. A contract can be considered as a facility to execute cross-organizational process-oriented WS compositions, to monitor and to enforce the composition and the enactment of these processes both inside and outside the organization's boundaries. In order to monitor the WS composition, we consider contracts, and we try to detect violations of policies and clauses. For that, we use a event-based approach, coupled with the classical deontic logic. We propose a proactive approach in order to prevent problems.

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» Teaching

I'm teaching databases course, mainly on design, languages, optimization, and transactions. Access to databases through Java JDBC API or PHP are also described. I'm also give courses on distributed objets concepts, using two technologies. The first one is Java RMI (basic concepts, threaded RMI server, activatable objets), while the second is more Web services centric using the SOAP protocol. Then, I'm doing introduction to the triple XML/XSLT/CSS.

Note: these courses are in french.

· Last update: May 12, 2011 ·