ANTS-IX Rump Session Proposals

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1. Speaker: Daniel J. Bernstein
Title: Faster rho for elliptic curves
Abstract: I'll present the latest news on optimizing the rho method for solving the elliptic-curve discrete-logarithm problem.

2. Speaker: Jérémie Detrey
Title: Genesis of an Environment-Friendly Logo
In this day and age of sustainable development and green computing, every byte matters. Determined to save our fragile planet, the researchers at CARAMEL strove to eradicate all unnecessary characters from their logo (C code).

3. Speaker: Andrew V. Sutherland
Title: Point counting with space-efficient SEA: 5000+ digits.
Abstract: I will give some highlights from the recent genus 1 point-counting record enabled by a new algorithm that directly computes instantiated modular polynomials.

4. Speaker: Damien Stehlé
Title: A provably secure NTRU-like cryptosystem
Abstract: I will describe work in progress with Ron Steinfeld (Macquarie U.) on how to modify the NTRU schemes to make them secure under the assumption that standard lattice problems are hard in the worst-case for ideal lattices.

5. Speaker: Tanja Lange
Title: Workshop on Elliptic Curves and Computation
Abstract: Since 1997 there has been an annual workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the above papers we will hold a full week meeting intermixing talks which are concerned with the applications of elliptic curves in cryptography and other fundamental results concerning elliptic curves and computation. The meeting will be held from Oct 18-22, 2010 at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington, USA. More details are available (or will be available shortly) at

6. Speaker: Luca De Feo
Title: Couveignes' surprise
Abstract: While optimizing Couveignes' isogeny interpolation algorithm, I discovered that it actually computes more than what it is asked for. Why is this and what is it useful for? I'd lie if I told I have a clue!

7. Speaker: Vanessa Vitse
Title: Oracle-assisted SDHP on the IPSEC Oakley 'Well Known Group' 3 curve
Abstract: I will present new timings for an index calculus attack of the oracle-assisted static Diffie-Hellman problem on the IPSEC Oakley key determination protocol 'Well Known Group' 3 curve.

8. Speaker: Steven Galbraith
Title: How I learned how not to write a book
Abstract: I will explain how not to write a book, with an example.

9. Speaker: Enric Nart
Title: Computational Representation of Prime Ideals in Number Fields
Abstract: Montes' algorithm may be applied to compute a representation of the prime ideal of a number field as: P = [p, phi_1, ..., phi_r], where p is the prime number lying below P and phi_i in Z[x] are certain monic polynomials that are irreducible over Z_p[x]. This representation allows one to carry out some basic tasks in number fields without neither factoring the discriminant of a defining equation nor computing the maximal order.

10. Speakers: Laurent Imbert and Benjamin Smith
Title: A polynomial of record size
Abstract: We present two polynomials of record size, and civic and cosmic significance.