All tickets which were worked on during ECC 2011

Context. During ECC 2011, a summer school will be organised on Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography. Besides classical lectures, there will be some Coding sprints based on the Sage software. This page gives some ideas of possible topics for those coding sprints. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Important note. To ensure that all what will be done during those coding sprints is not lost, participants are requested to submit their work (source code, suggestions, bug reports, benchmarks, pointers to algorithms, ...) to the Sage trac server (first ask for an account as indicated in the beginning of that page).

To contribute a patch for Sage, please follow the page from Sébastien Labbé. In short:

1) first type sage -clone trac11548, assuming you want to work on ticket 11548 for example. This will avoid polluting your main copy of Sage. You can come back to the "main" copy with sage -b main, and to ticket trac11548 with sage -b trac11548.

2) assume you want to patch the file First locate it in the trac11548 branch. It should be something like /usr/local/sage/devel/sage-trac11548/sage/schemes/elliptic_curves/

3) then modify this file with your favorite text editor

4) run sage -br to rebuild Sage with the modified file, and check your patch is ok.

5) once your patch is fine, from within Sage, type hg_sage.commit(), and after typing q enter a commit log line giving the ticket number (11548) and saying what you have done

6) then type hg_sage.export('tip') and exit Sage

7) a file nnnnn.patch was created in the current directory, then rename that file to trac11548.patch and upload it on the page corresponding to ticket 11548 on the Sage trac server.

Topics related to Annex A of the IEEE P1363.3/D2 Draft Standard for Identity-based Public-key Cryptography Using Pairings

References here are related to version 0.6 of Annex A (73 pages).

You can also work on some tickets needing review: 10057, 10850, 10973 (complex), 9320, 9411, 10843, 8241, 8558, 9408, 9887, 10112, 10255, 11455, 11475, 11554, 11630, 11685, 11780, 1145, 11593, 11770, 11781, 7695, 11698

You can also work on tickets for Sage 4.7.2 related to elliptic curves