Internal report on free software at INRIA

Distributed under the GNU Library General Public License or the GNU Lesser General Public License

  • The MPFR library, a library for multiprecision floating-point arithmetic with exact rounding, based on the GNU MP library [with Guillaume Hanrot and Vincent Lefèvre].
  • The MPC library, a library for multiprecision complex arithmetic with exact rounding, based on the MPFR and GNU MP libraries [with Andreas Enge, Philippe Théveny and Patrick Pélissier].
  • The DPE library, a library for floating-point arithmetic with large exponents (double-precision + exponent), developed with Patrick Pélissier.
  • An implementation in GMP of the Bodrato-Zanoni algorithm for Toom-Cook 4-way. Bodrato and Zanoni extended this to Toom-Cook 5-way, 6-way and 7-way.

    Distributed under the GNU General Public License

  • GMP-ECM: an implementation of Lenstra's Elliptic Curve Method to factor integers.
  • MPCHECK 1.1.0, with Nathalie Revol and Patrick Pélissier, a program to check mathematical function libraries (correct rounding, monotonicity, symmetry, output range). [results] Warning: version 1.1.0 only works for the double type (53 bits).
  • An implementation of PSLQ in GMP.
  • A sample implementation of MPQS, reusing some nice sieving code written by Scott Contini.
  • A program for digital plane recognition (with Yan Gérard and Isabelle Debled-Rennesson)
  • intersectplot.mpl, a Maple program to plot the intersection of two 3D surfaces given by implicit equations (with Sylvain Petitjean)
  • shift2.c, a implementation in GNU MP of an asymptotically fast algorithm for Taylor shift. Werner Krandick reports a speedup factor of 319 for degree 9,000 and coefficients of 9,000 bits, over von zur Gathen's and Gerhard's convolution method. This work was inspired by High-Performance Implementations of the Descartes Method, by Jeremy R. Johnson, Werner Krandick, Kevin M. Lynch, David G. Richardson, and Anatole D. Ruslanov.

    Other licenses

  • Lambda-Upsilon-Omega V2.1, an automatic average-case program analyzer developed with Bruno Salvy. This version corrects a problem with Caml-Light 0.74. See also the LUO page from the Algo project.

  • Epelle: a generic spell-checking mechanism, including a french dictionary (but it can be used for any language, as soon as you have a dictionary) [cache]

  • MuPAD (not really free in the sense of the Free Software Fundation, as the C-sources are not available), developed in common with german colleagues.

  • A GMP-based implementation of Uspensky's algorithm (joint work with Fabrice Rouillier) to isolate all real roots of a polynomial with integer coefficients. [A more recent/efficient implementation by Guillaume Hanrot is available here.]