iRRAM-MPFR Developers Meeting

Dates: December 16-17, 2019

Location: INRIA/LORIA, Nancy, France (access)

The goal of this meeting is to discuss future developments of the iRRAM and GNU MPFR libraries, following the previous meetings from 2011 in Paris, 2012 in Bordeaux, 2014 in Nancy, 2016 in Toulouse, April 2018 in Dagstuhl, and November 2018 in Trier.


Proposed topics:

Hubert Glesener
Margarita Korovina
Vincent Lefèvre
Christian Lohr
Michelle Mergen
Norbert Müller
Patrick Pélissier
Philippe Théveny
Paul Zimmermann

Sponsors: Inria PRE ProvenMPFR