MPFR-MPC Developers Meeting 2011

[meeting report]
Dates: January 13 and 14, 2011

Location: INRIA Antenne Parisienne, 23 avenue d'Italie, Salle Rose, 5th floor (metro Place d'Italie). [directions (in french)]

The goal of this meeting is to discuss future developments of the GNU MPFR and the MPC libraries. It is open to all people who are interested to contribute to GNU MPFR and/or MPC, either in writing new code or contributing new ideas (see How to contribute to MPFR?).

Practical organization: there is no registration fee, however people interested in attending this meeting are kindly requested to inform Paul Zimmermann. We have no special support for this meeting, participants are supposed to take in charge their travel and accomodation expenses. The dinner from January 13 will be offered to the participants by the CARAMEL team.

Tentative schedule:
January 13:
09:30: start of the meeting, discussion about MPFR-specific topics:

10:30: coffee break
11:00: discussion about MPC-specific topics:
12:00: lunch
14:00: presentation of the Eztrace tool by Andreas Enge
14:30-19:00: coding sprints
20:00: dinner (offered by the Caramel team)
January 14:
09:30: discussion about further MPFR and MPC topics
10:30: coffee break
11:00: discussion about further MPFR and MPC topics and/or coding sprints
12:00: lunch
14:00-15:00: discussion about an ADT proposal to further develop MPFR
15:00-17:00: coding sprints
Confirmed participants:
Andreas Enge
Laurent Fousse
Mickaël Gastineau
Franck Labat
Vincent Lefèvre
Patrick Pélissier
Philippe Théveny
Paul Zimmermann