Why I refuse to review papers submitted to "gold" open-access and hybrid journals?

When I am sollicited to review a paper submitted to a gold open-access journal (i.e., with a publication fee), I refuse to act as a reviewer because I don't agree with this publication mechanism. In particular I refused to review papers submitted to: I also refuse to review papers submitted to hybrid open-access journals (some commercial publishers say supports open-access), because institutions pay twice for such journals: once for being able to get a copy of papers submitted and/or published through the classical way, and another time when submitted papers through the open-access way. Hybrid journals for which I refused to act as a referee are:

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Note: my article Division-Free Binary-to-Decimal Conversion with Cyril Bouvier was submitted (as a regular paper) to IEEE Transactions on Computers before I learned this journal had moved to the hybrid submission system. Otherwise, I would have submitted this work elsewhere.