Here the slides of some of my invited talks and keynotes:

Learning and Prediction For Human-Humanoid CollaborationKeynote at HFR 2019 (12th Human-Friendly Robotics).

Teleoperation for Human-humanoid Collaboration HUMANOIDS 2019 Workshop on Humanoid Teleoperation.

Social and physical interaction with a humanoid: lessons learned with the iCubHUMANOIDS 2019 Workshop “Can we build Baymax?”

Prediction and Learning for Human-humanoid Collaboration – HUMANOIDS 2019 Workshop on Challenges and solutions for HRI and collaboration.

Anticipation:how should a cognitive architecture effect prospective (inter)action? IROS 2019 Cutting Edge Forum on Cognitive architecture for humanoids: where are we in our quest to achieve human-level AI in robotics?

Improving the ergonomics in human-robot collaboration with predictive models – IROS 2019 Workshop on Progress in Ergonomic Physical Human-Robot Collaboration.

Improving grasping and manipulation by exploiting uncertainty and human interactionRSS 2019 Workshop on Task-Informed Grasping

Learning objects by autonomous exploration and human interactionIROS 2019 Workshop on Open-Ended Learning for Object Perception and Grasping: Current Successes and Future Challenges

Human-Humanoid InteractionHLR 2016 – Human-Legged Robotics

Exploiting tactile information for whole-body dynamics, learning and human-robot interactionHUMANOIDS 2016 Workshop on Tactile Sensing for Manipulation