Lorraine-Saarland workshop on Geometry and CAD

Monday, April 14 2003


The purpose of the workshop series is to foster collaborative research between Lorraine and Saarland by bringing together researchers and students for one or two days of lectures, talks and scientific discussions. These mini-workshops are directed primarily towards young researchers with the objective of familiarizing them with the research projects being conducted in neighboring institutions. Topics of interest are naturally those of the computer science laboratories of Lorraine and Saarland.

The workshop series consists of 7 workshops each consisting of one or two days of study spread over 2003. Each workshop will be organised by a scientific coordinator in collaboration with a member of the neighbouring institution. The date, the topic, the contents and the format for each day are to be determined by the scientific coordinators for that day.

The Lorraine - Saarland Workshop Series web page.

Scientific coordinators

Sylvain Lazard and Elmar Schömer

Organising Committee

Hazel Everett and Christophe Ringeissen (international@loria.fr), Christoph Storb (mpi@mpi-sb.mpg.de) and Roxane Wetzel (wetzel@mpi-sb.mpg.de).


MPII Saarbrücken, Room 024, Monday, April 14 2003

How to participate

People from Lorraine : please contact Hazel Everett to arrange transportation and lunch.

People from Saarland : please contact Christoph Storb to arrange lunch.

The costs to participants for transportation and lunch will be covered by INRIA and MPII.


10h00 Kurt Mehlhorn: Welcoming remarks
10h10 Sylvain Lazard: Presentation of the group at LORIA (slides)
10h20 Elmar Schömer: Presentation of the group at MPII
10h30 Xavier Goaoc: Geometric issues in 3D visibility queries (slides)
11h15 Coffee break
11h45 Lutz Kettner: The Exacus library

12h30 Lunch

14h00 Arno Eigenwillig: Arrangements of Cubics (slides)
14h30 Sylvain Petitjean: Intersecting two quadrics: optimality issues and open problems (slides)
14h50 Christoph Storb & Hazel Everett: Perspectives for future collaborations (Christoph's slides , Hazel's slides)
15h10 Coffee break / Discussions
17h00 Susanne Schmitt: The diamond operator (slides)
17h30 Bruno Levy: Least squares conformal maps : geometric expression (slides)
18h00 End

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