Automatic Verification Of TLA+ Proof Obligations With SMT Solvers

Stephan Merz and Hernán Vanzetto
TLA+ is a formal specification language that is based on ZF set theory and the Temporal Logic of Actions TLA. The TLA+ proof system TLAPS assists users in deductively verifying safety properties of TLA+ specifications. TLAPS is built around a proof manager, which interprets the TLA+ proof language, generates corresponding proof obligations, and passes them to backend verifiers. In this paper we present a new backend for use with SMT solvers that supports elementary set theory, functions, arithmetic, tuples, and records. Type information required by the solvers is provided by a typing discipline for TLA+ proof obligations, which helps us disambiguate the translation of expressions of (untyped) TLA+, while ensuring its soundness. Preliminary results show that the backend can help to significantly increase the degree of automation of certain interactive proofs.
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Stephan Merz