High realistic lip synchronization for 3D animated characters


  • Dynalips provides a solution to synchronize precisely and automatically the movements of the lips of a 3D character with speech (we address 3D animation movies and video games)
  • Help professionals (3D animators & game developers) to focus on their main activity
  • Allow a better emotional and entertainment experience for players and spectators


Addressed problems of lip-sync

  • 3D animation lipsync is time consuming  (3-to-30 seconds of lip-sync  ~ a whole working day)
  • 3D animation movie is only well-made for English (manually animated or using motion capture techniques. The most of the time, non-English version of an animated movie is just dubbed: incomprehensible for hearing-impaired persons and thus a degraded entertainment experience.
  • Gamers are sensitive to lip-sync problems (bad mouth animation can be very frustrating, and can make gamer less involved in the game!)

Main technological advantages

 provides a multilingual automatic lip-sync solution.

Automatic lipsync solution

  • Assist 3D animator
    • Provide a fast and automatic lipsync with high quality
    • Focus more on the artistic aspects (facial expressions, dramatic effects, etc.)
  • Video Game
    • Provide full and accurate lipsync solution to game developer

Fast and highly accurate lip-sync

  • Artificial intelligence based technology
  • Methods based on analyzing human speaker data

Multilingual lipsync solution

  • Reduce the barrier of language and culture.
  • Better entertainment experience
  • Less frustration due to speech intelligibility problem.

Technology made for

  • 3D animation movies (cinema, tv, multimedia, etc.)
  • Video games & virtual reality
  • Speech assistance for:
    • Second Language learners
    • Hearing-impaired people


Some examples of the animation quality

Fast and accurate automatic lipsync with Dynalips


An example of our patented animation technique:


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