Sylvain I am a researcher (DR) at Inria in Nancy. I am a member of the Inria team Gamble which is also part of the LORIA laboratory, a combined Research Unit (UMR 7503) common to CNRS, INRIA and Université de Lorraine.

I work on Computational Geometry with a special interest in non-linear problems. I obtained my PhD from in 1996 at Inria Sophia-Antipolis and Université Paris 6. After two years of postdoc at McGill university in Montreal, I joined Inria in Nancy in 1999. I defended my Habilitation in 2007 on Computational geometry problems on lines and quadrics in 3D.

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QI: Quadric Intersection

QI stands for "Quadrics Intersection". QI is the first exact, robust, efficient and usable implementation of an algorithm for parameterizing the intersection of two arbitrary quadrics, given in implicit form, with integer coefficients. See the Online calculation server and the QI page for details.

ISOTOP: Drawing implicit curves

Isotop is a Maple software for computing the topology/isotopy of an implicit algebraic plane curve, that is, for computing an arrangement of polylines that are isotopic to the input curve. In other words, it computes a drawing of the curve in a certified way, in particular, without missing any connected component or singular point. Isotop is based on the algorithms we developped in a series of paper. See the Online server.


Annual Bellairs workshop on Computational Geometry

Started in 2002, this annual McGill - INRIA - Victoria workshop brings together, from around the globle, about 25 researchers (on invitation) during one week for working together on Computational Geometry problems. This workshop is co-organized with S. Whitesides from University of Victoria. See the workshop pages for details.

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