This work takes part of the MAIA group in LORIA, more information are available on its web site.
My research domain is about multi-agent systems as a modeling paradigm for complex systems.

Current interest

This activity is grounded on the AA4MM meta-model and its first implementation by J Siebert. It has grown in several directions and led to a new implementation
of the software named mecsyco ( which is used for different proofs of concept examples and smart-grids simulations with EDF R&D.

More information will be found on mecsyco website.

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Colleagues in LORIA

C. Bourjot
L. Ciarletta
N. Fatès

Recent or current PhD students:

Dr Julien Siebert  on the AA4MM metamodel.
Tomas Navarrete on governance of complex systems.
Olivier Bouré on robustness in mutiagent systems
Benjamin Camus on multi-modeling of complex systems
Julien Vaubourg on the multi-modeling of smart-grids and interaction between IP simulator (with EDR R&D)
Thomas Paris on the description of complex system by composition

National activities

Décembre 2011 : (French)

Demo and introduction to my research themes ( in French)

Other interests and past activities