Finite point sets and Intersection Patterns (FIP)
Associate team between KAIST and INRIA NGE


The project-team Gamble (INRIA Nancy Grand Est) and the research group of Professor Holmsen (Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST)


From January 2021 to December 2023


This collaboration is at the interface of computer science and mathematics, in the area of discrete and computational geometry. Computational geometry tackles algorithmic problems on geometric data, arising from applied disciplines such as robotics (path planning), CAD (surface reconstruction) or data mining (range searching). The correctness of the proposed solutions is established formally and complexity analyses (of algorithms and problems) are central issues. The resolution of a problem in computational geometry often requires understanding subtle properties of discrete geometric structures like point configurations, polyhedra, arrangements of lines / hyperplanes / algebraic surfaces, etc. These structural questions are central in discrete geometry, a classical subject in mathematics that goes back to at least the ancient Greeks. The communities of computational geometry and discrete geometry blended in the 1980’s into a discrete and computational geometry community. This project tackles questions from two classical research directions


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