Visit to the DFKI centre in Bremen

As part of a project looking at the variability of BCIs, we visited the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz in Bremen! It was a very stimulating visit, and the equipment at DFKI is truly impressive (see photo of an exoskeletal prosthesis used to improve movement).

Ready for more work between Inria and DFKI!

New results on median nerve stimulation presented to Winter BCI Conference in South-Korea !

At the end of February, I was at the Winter BCI Conference in South Korea to present our new results: Prediction of Motor-Imagery-BCI performance using Median Nerve Stimulation. We showed that it is possible to use median nerve stimulation to predict MI-BCI performance. A huge turnout at this conference! Lots of questions from the audience, a superbly well organised conference, some great encounters and the discovery of a beautiful country.

I hope to be back soon!

RIKEN Workshop at Toruń in Poland !

The Potioc team (Marc Welter, Maria Sayu Yamamoto and Fabien Lotte) attended to the RIKEN workshop at Nicolaus Copernicus University, which focused on Complex Systems Science, Health Neuroscience and Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning.Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning. 


I presented my work on the use of median nerve stimulation to improve the performance of motor BCIs. Some great discussions and collaborations in the pipeline…


Torun is a magnificent city, and Poland a beautiful country.


PS: Thank you, Marc, for agreeing to lose your soul by publishing this photo.

Début du post-doc chez Potioc !

Depuis le 1er Mars 2021, j’ai terminé mon post-doc à l’Université de Lorraine (Metz) dans le projet Grasp-it et j’ai officiellement commencé un nouveau post-doc dans l’équipe Potioc. Je vais travailler dans le projet BrainConquest avec Fabien Lotte (un grand nom du BCI !). L’objectif sera d’investiguer de quelle(s) manière(s) l’apprentissage utilisateur peut être améliorer pour permettre la bonne utilisation d’une BCI basée sur l’activité cérébrale motrice !