About me

Since 2022, I am a researcher (chargé de recherche) at Inria Nancy – Grand Est in the Pesto team. Before, I spent 2 years in the team as a post-doctoral researcher. I obtained my PhD under the supervision of Stéphanie Delaune. on November 17th 2020 in the EMSEC team at IRISA Lab in Rennes. Before I was student at École normale supérieure de Rennes.


Research Interests:

My research mainly focuses on the formal verification of cryptographic protocols. During my PhD I focused on distance-bounding protocols, used for instance for contact-less paiements. Since the begining of my post-doc I an interested in the design and verification of e-voting protocols. From an holistic point of view I am interested in proving the security or safety of critical systems.



cryptographic protocols, formal verification, symbolic methods, distance-bounding protocols, e-voting protocols.


Main News

  • 06/2023 – the previous work has been a accepted at Usenix Security 2023!
  • 01/2023 – our (with Lucca Hirschi) analysis of the e-voting protocol deployed for the 2022 French legislative elections (French citizens aborad) has been accepted at Real World Crypto (RWC) 2023. In this paper we present a comprehensive description of the system and different vulnerabilities that break both vote secrecy and verifiability assuming, for instance, a compromised voting server.
  • 08/2021 –  we (Véronique Cortier, Pierrick Gaudry and I) found a privacy attack agains the Swiss Post protocol. It’s fixed now but we got a bounty of 40k€.