Operations research

Bernardetta Addis · 2022-2023 · Semester 1 · 4th year level · English

Companion playlist

  1. T. Tallis, Spen in allium, Taverner choir. YouTube.
  2. R. Wagner, Prelude to Tristan und Isolde, P. Boulez. YouTube.
  3. G.F. Handel, Chaconne of the G major keyboard suite, A. Quéffelec. Spotify.
  4. O. Messiaen, Apparition de l’Église éternelle, O. Latry. YouTube.
  5. J.S. Bach, Variations Goldberg. Either A. Tharaud, Z. Xiao Mei, S. Richter, or G. Gould (1981 recording).
  6. N. Paganini, Sixth caprice, I. Perlman. YouTube.
  7. S. Rachmaninoff, Sixième moment musical, J.P. Collard. YouTube
  8. W.A. Mozart, Maurerische Traurmusik, J. Savall. YouTube