Claire Gardent

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Current projects 
  • WebNLG: (2014-2016).  Funded by the French ANR, the WebNLG projects aims to develop novel technologies for generating text from knowledge bases and linked data. The WebNLG partners are Synalp, LORIA/CNRS, Nancy (France), SRI, Stanford (USA) and KRDB Bolzano.
  • ModelWriter: (2014-2016).  The ModelWriter project is an ITEA funded project which aims to develop an integrated authoring environment combining Semantic Word Processing (= the "Writer" part) with Knowledge Capture Tool (= the "Model" part) solutions. In this project, we work on semantic analysis (from text to model) and natural language generation (from model to text).
  • TransSem: (2013-2014).  PEPS project funded by the CNRS. Participants: LLF (Paris 7), LORIA (Synalp), LIFO (Orléans)
Past projects 
  • TALC: (2007 -- 2013). Knowledge and Natural Language Processing/Traitement Automatique des Langues et des Connaissances. Funded by the French State and the Lorraine Region. Participants: ATILF, INIST, LORIA. 
  • SYFRAP: (2011 -- 2012).  Analyse Syntaxique du français parlé PEPS project funded by the CNRS. Participants: ATILF and LLF (Paris 7), LORIA (Talaris/Synalp).
  • ALLEGRO: (2010 -- 2012).  Adaptive Language Learning Technology for the Grande Région. Funded by the EU Interreg IV A program. Participants: DFKI Kaiserslautern, LORIA, Saarbrücken University, Supélec Metz. 
  • EMOSPEECH: (2010 -- 2012).  Interacting Naturally and Emotionally with Serious Gamres. Funded by the EU Eurostars program. Participants: Artefacto (Rennes, France), Acapella (Mons, Belgium), INRIA Nancy (Talaris/Synalp and Parole). 
  • Nancy-GIVE: (2009 -- now). Text generation for 3D games. Funded by the French State, the Lorraine Region and the MetaVerse Project. Participants: LORIA (Talaris). 
  • PASSAGE  (2007 -- 2009). Syntactic annotation of large scale corpora. Funded by the ANR  (Agence Nationale pour la Recherche/National Research Agency) . Participants: CEA LIST, INRIA Rocquencourt, LORIA, LIMSI. 
  • RAPSODIS  (2008 - 2009). Improving speech recognition using syntactic and semantic knowledge. Funded by INRIA (Institut National pour la Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique/National research institute for computer science). Participants: INRIA Nancy Grand Est, INRIA Rennes, CEA LIST. 
  • Acquiring and validating subcategorisation lexicons for French and Polish (2006 - 2007): POLONIUM project co-funded by France and Poland. Participants: INRIA Nancy Grand Est and Ac. Sciences Varsovie. PI: C. Gardent and A. Prziekorkowski.
  • MOSAIQUE (2006 - 2007). High level linguistic formalisms. Funded by INRIA. Participants: INRIA Bordeaux, INRIA Nancy Grand Est, INRIA Rocquencourt, U. Paris 7. PI: Lionel Clément (INRIA Bordeaux). 
  • LEXSYNT (2005 - 2007). Syntactic lexicons for French. Funded by ILF. Participants:  INRIA Nancy Grand Est, INRIA Rocquencourt, U. Paris 7 et 10. PI: Sylvain Kahane (U. Paris 10). 
  • TCAN (2004 - 2005): Interaction entre lexicalisation, réalisation et aggrégation en génération de textes. Funded by the CNRS. Participants: IRIT, U. Paris 11, INRIA Nancy Grand Est. PI: P. Saint-Dizier (IRIT Toulouse). 
  • GENI (2002 - 2004):  Génération et  Inférence. Funded by INRIA. Participants: IRIT Toulouse, INRIA Nancy Grand Est, U. Paris 7. 58KE. PI: C. Gardent.
  • INDIGEN (2000 - 2004): Generierung von kohaerenten Diskursen
    durch Integration von Satz und Diskursplannung. Funded by the DFG. Participants: U. of Saarbrücken (Germany). PI: C. Gardent. 
  • LISA (1996 - 1999): Inference for the interpretation of discourse. Funded by the DFG.Participants: U. of Saarbrücken (Germany). PI: C. Gardent and M. Kohlhase. 
  • GEMOLA (1998 - 1999): Generation of short texts. Procope project co-Funded by France and Germany. Participants: U. of Saarbrücken,INRIA Nancy Grand Est. PI: C. Gardent and G. Perrier.   
  • LRE-61-062 (1992 - 1994): Towards a declarative theory of
    discourse. EU Funded project. Participants: U. Edinburgh, U. Amsterdam, U. Utrecht. PI: J. Dorrepaal (U. Utrecht)
  • ACORD (1987 - 1989): Querying data bases using natural language and graphics. EU ESPRIT Project 393. Participants: U. Edinburgh, U. Amsterdam, U. Stuttgart.

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