Claire Gardent

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My research focuses on hybrid symbolic/statistical approaches for natural language understanding and generation. I am particularly interested in developing precise and robust grammar based systems for generation; acquiring/developing robust and efficient tools and ressources for French; and interfacing virtual worlds with natural language processing techniques (in particular, generation and dialog systems).

The main themes underlying my work on generation concern the use of natural language generation in computer aided language learning applications and the design of error mining techniques which permits improving the generation system and granting it both the robustness and the precision required by that application.

Recently, I have become interested in integrating natural language generators and dialog systems into 3D games. The restricted context provided by virtual worlds makes it possible to model the interactions between physical actions, situational context and language. I am interested in modelling these interactions and in developing generic dialog systems that can rapidly be adapted to new virtual environments.

I also work on the automatic acquisition of lexical resources and tools for French NLP such as synonym and syntactic lexicons and VerbNet style verb classes.

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