CNRS and Université de Lorraine

Python4NLP 2022 Summer School The Python4NLP 2022 summer school is funded and co-organised by the CNRS LIFT Research Network (contact: Claire Gardent), the xNLG Chair (contact: Claire Gardent), the OLKi LUE IMPACT project (contact: Christophe Cerisara, Aurore Coince), the LORIA laboratory and the Université de Lorraine (contact: Yannick Parmentier). It features five lectures on NLP techniques with Python, from collecting data to making predictions using Machine Learning and language models. These are given by researchers from the SyNaLP team at LORIA and include practical sessions tutored by PhD candidates and Master students from the NLP Master Program at Université de Lorraine.

WebNLG+ 2020 Workshop The workshop took place on December, 18 2020 as part of the virtual International Conference on Natural Language Generation conference (INLG 2020). The technical program of the workshop consists of 2 long papers, 4 short papers, 15 WebNLG+ Challenge system descriptions and an overview of the WebNLG+ 2020 Shared Task participants and results.

WebNLG+ 2020 Challenge. The WebNLG+ 2020 data was downloaded more than 100 times. 17 teams submitted 48 system runs, two teams withdrew their results, 15 teams participated in the automatic evaluation with 46 runs in total. Only one team (Google) participated in all four tasks. One team (Amazon Shanghai) submitted two models for both generation and semantic parsing but only for English. All other submissions focused on generation, one only for Russian (Sber AI Lab, Russia), seven for English only (AIST Japan, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Université de MontrĂ©al, Orange France, University of Sào Paulo, Saigon University, National University of Ireland) and four (Charles University, Facebook, Huawei Noah's Ark Lab, The Ohio State University) for both Russian and English.

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