I am an associate-professor at Mines Nancy – Univserité de Lorraine.

I am conducting my research in MFX team – Loria.


My main research interests are volume representation, modeling, visualization and slicing – especially implicit surfaces, constructive solid geometry and skeleton-based representations. I am also investigating micro-structures modeling and generation. I am interested in both mathematical representation of volumes and efficient processing on the GPU.

More details can be found in my List of publication.

I was recently granted an ANR JCJC – Project IMPRIMA (started in March 2019).


I am one of the developer of the IceSL software, a state of the art slicer with advanced modeling capabilities. I am mostly contributing to the rendering, UI code and plugins.


I am teaching at Mines Nancy, a french engineering school. My teaching includes Introduction to informatics, Software Engineering, C and C++ programming. I am also teaching programming for video games; this lecture includes collaborative development of games with ENSAD (Ecole nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy).