Hi there, welcome to my web-page.

I am Dorin, a post-doctoral researcher in the Madynes team, employed by the University of Lorraine and conducting my research in the LORIA laboratory in Nancy, France.

My topics of interest include: Internet of Things (IoT), Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN), Embedded Real-Time Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Probabilistic modeling and analysis, Mixed-Criticality Systems (MCS), Real-Time Scheduling.


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Community Activity 

I am currently chairing the Work in Progress Session of RTAS’17 and I would appreciate any contributions so please consider submitting your work. The novelty this year is that all accepted papers will be published in the main proceedings of the conference and indexed by IEEE (they receive a DOI and appear in IEEExplore).  For more details you can check out the events web-page  (http://2017.rtas.org/work-in-progress/) or download the CFP.