• (September 2014) My research project IMATISSE “Inundation Monitoring and Alarm Technology In a System of SystEms” for the Région Picardie call for project « Accueil chercheurs de haut niveau » has been selected for funding. The duration of the project is three years, during which I will have the possibility to hire two 18-month post doctoral researchers on “Robot and sensor networks integration” (from December 2014) and on “D2D communications for mobile crowdsensing systems” (from March 2016). IMATISSE website
  • (March 2013) My teaching project on “Robot and sensor networks” for the Italian call for project « Messaggeri della conoscenza » has been selected out of 600 proposals. I’ll teach this course at the University of Calabria in June 2013, and I will select the three best students of the course to invite them and supervise their work at the Heudiasyc Lab from September to December 2013.