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Florian Moser

PhD student under supervision of Véronique Cortier and Alexandre Debant at Inria Nancy in the Pesto team.

I obtained my Bachelor's and Master's at ETH Zürich. My Master's Thesis Swiss Internet Voting was supervised by Kenny Paterson. I am an experienced full-stack software developer and build applications for the University of Zürich and many others.

My research focuses on provably secure Internet Voting, with a heightened interest in the Swiss setting. For symbolic proofs, I use ProVerif.

florian [dot] moser [at] loria [dot] fr

Research proposal: Code Voting for Swiss Internet Voting 2022, E-Vote ID 2022

Complexity of the Swiss internet voting proposals is identified as a repeatedly voiced concern in reviews. Code voting is proposed as an additional mechanism, which reduces the complexity of the involved cryptography while increasing security. The protocol, security definitions motivated by Swiss law and corresponding proofs are sketched [download].

Master thesis: Swiss Internet Voting 2022, ETH Research Collection

The Master's thesis examines internet voting in Switzerland. First, an overview of the scientific literature is given, and then relevant events, laws and political influences in Switzerland are summarised. To improve the current situation, a code-voting system is proposed that drastically reduces the complexity of the cryptography involved, while achieving stronger security properties. It is proven that this design meets formal definitions of legal requirements [download].

Report: A Pairing-Based Identification Protocol for CHVote 2021

CHVote is an internet voting protocol suitable for use in Switzerland. As part of the casting procedure, voters authenticate their vote by entering an authentication key. In an effort to increase usability, a novel pairing-based identification protocol was proposed which requires only half the key for the same security guarantee than the previous proposal. The analysis proves the protocol secure, but asserts that the key size cannot be halved [paper].

Advanced Systems Lab: Fast implementation of Curve25519 on Intel Skylake 2020

As a joint work with three other students, it was investigated whether existing implementations of the widely used Curve25519 could be further improved. Multiple approaches out of existing literature were combined and extended. The resulting implementation for the Intel Skylake architecture was 10% faster than all other implementations of the Bernstein comparison [download, code].

Bachelor thesis: Identifying encrypted online video streams using bitrate profiles 2018

It was investigated whether passively observable network traffic of netflix could be used to identify the currently watched content. Existing approaches were replicated, and extended. The resulting implementation needed only to measure the in average used bandwidth to identify what content is being watched [download, code].

Teaching: TheAlternative 2016-2023 and University of Zürich 2020-2023

As part of TheAlternative, I used to organize and give lectures [project management, web, pdf]. As a course instructor for University of Zürich, I regularly gave courses about git and GitLab [git].

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