A non-local dual-domain cartoon and texture decomposition .


    The following code can be used for non-profit academic research only.

    Please cite:
       F. Sur. A non-local dual-domain approach to cartoon and texture decomposition. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 28, no. 4, p. 1882-1894, 2019. Link. Pdf file. Bibtex entry.

Additional Experiments


Matlab Code  

    Archive for Matlab functions and script for running the experiments: NoLoDuDoCT.tgz


    barbara.png; texmos3.512.tiff (from here); Broadway-Crowd.JPG (from here); Manhattan.JPG (from here); WTC.jpg (from here); Rockwell - Carry On - 002.jpg (from here); Rockwell - Our Heritage - 002.jpg (from here); mariner6.tif (comes from Gonzalez and Woods textbook, here); florida (comes from Gonzalez and Woods textbook, here); mariner04_07b.gif (comes from here); fingerprint.png (comes from here); texture_smooth_e1.png (comes from here).

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