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Since September 2021, I am associate professor with tenure (maître de conférences) in the Mocqua group of the Loria lab, at Inria center of Nancy and University of Lorraine.
I teach at the Faculty of science and technology of Nancy.

In 2019–2021, I was post-doc in the Cana group of the Lis lab, at University Aix-Marseille. More precisely, I worked in the Project Fans on automata networks.
I also taught at the Faculty of science of Marseille.

In 2018–2019, I was ATER (post-doc with teaching charge) in the Mc2 group of the Lip lab, at Ens Lyon.
I taught at the CS department of Ens Lyon.

In 2018–2017, I was a postdoc in the Laboratory of Theoretical Computer Science, at the Higher School of Economics.

Between 2014 and 2017, I prepared my PhD thesis under the supervision of Gwenaël Richomme in the Escape group of the Lirmm laboratory, at University of Montpellier.
I defended on 2017-06-30; here is my manuscript and here are my slides (both in French).
I also taught at the Faculty of science of Montpellier.


Here is a short summary of my research so far.

Find open-access or Arxiv links for all my papers in my DBLP entry.

Selected talks in no particular order (each title links to the slides):


I have internship subjects on tilings, automata/Boolean networks, and combinatorics on words. You can skim through the slides of my talks linked above to get a general idea on my subjects (there's no need to understand everything). Feel free to contact me if you're interested.

My lectures are in French and everything is on the faculty server (login required). I usually teach networks, system (POSIX) programming, and databases.

Collective tasks

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People who shared my office, for a liberal definition of “office”:
Mélodie Andrieu — Amélie Barbe — Florian Barbero — Julien Baste — Bruno Bauwens — Jessie Carbonnel — Thang Pham Cong — Julien Destombes — François Dross — Blandine Forsans — Anaël Grandjean — Dominique Larchey — Silvère Moon-Gangloff — Etienne Moutot — Sabrina Ouazzani — Daria Pchelina — Éloi Perdereau — Enrico Porreca — Swan Rocher — Alam Seif — Mateusz Skomra


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Skepticism in the technology sector

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Physics and tinkering


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"Low-level" programming and concepts

Classic books on C and Unix

The rumors are true: those books are enlightening.


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Classic books on Common Lisp and Lisp

Because metaprogramming is more fun than type systems.

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(For the record, my website is static hand-written HTML typed in vi(1) (no, not vim) and tested in w3m.)

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