I currently hold the Inria Chaire de Professeur Junior (Tenure-Track) at the Inria research center at the University of Lorraine in Nancy. I am  a member of the Capsid research team at the Lorraine Laboratory of Research in Computer Science and its Applications (LORIA).


My academic journey includes obtaining a PhD from the University of Zürich at the Institute for Computational Sciences. During my doctoral studies, I specialized in developing integrative computational biology approaches, focusing on the analysis of protein-protein interaction networks. A notable case study involved investigating the group A streptococcus surface interactome. Subsequently, I was awarded a research grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) for early postdoc mobility, leading me to pursue postdoctoral research at the College de France (Paris) and ENS-Paris Saclay. Following this, I further enriched my experience with a postdoctoral position at the Protein Design Laboratory at EPFL before starting my current tenure-track role at Inria.


My expertise lies in computational biology with a strong foundation in computer science, particularly in machine and deep learning. My research interests include host-pathogen interactions using integrative structural biology approaches, the design of de novo proteins, and leveraging deep learning for protein functional predictions.