Whether you stumbled upon this page or came here with a purpose, allow me to introduce myself briefly:

My name is Jérémie Dumas. I am a postdoc researcher working on modeling and digital fabrication at NYU, with Daniele Panozzo and Denis Zorin. Before that I was pursuing my PhD at Inria Nancy Grand Est, in the ALICE team under the supervision of Sylvain Lefebvre. I graduated at ENS de Lyon in France in June 2012, where I received my Master Degree with mention Bien. Before starting my PhD I had a one-year transition doing internships abroad, 5 months in Czech Republic and 5 months in Finland.

On this website you will find my résumé, along with a list of my current publications (hopefully this part will be growing over the years). I’me also keeping a record of my past school presentations and projects, like our OCaml → C compiler OCamlBike.

Research interests

My main areas of interest are discrete mathematics, optimization, and graph theory, especially when they are tied to other domains such as computer vision and computer graphics. I am also keen on practical programming issues (see my competitive programming section), and I my formation also covered a broad spectrum of CS topics: form lambda-calculus and numerical precision analysis to computer architecture and networking, parallel computing, etc. For the sake of conciseness, here is a bullet list that comes with my speech:

  • Discrete mathematics and optimization
  • Applications to computer graphics and vision
  • Algorithmic and graph theory
  • Geometry synthesis and applications to 3D printing

PhD Topic

The focus of my thesis was on by-example shape generation for 3D printing. The goal is to develop new methods, inspired by recent advances in texture synthesis, and use them in the context of geometry synthesis with constraints imposed by the physical process of 3D printing. The project is developed as part of the ERC project Shapeforge. A website will be put online at some point, but in the meantime you can find some info on the internet.


Email: firstname.lastname@ens-lyon.org (without accents)