Stereo Panorama Stitching

This project was developped as part of my work for the course IFT6145 : Vision 3D at the Université de Montréal in winter 2011. It is based on the work of Shum and He in their paper Rendering with concentric mosaics. The procedure works as follows : starting with two cameras, on in pure rotation and the other moving along a circle of radius r, we would take snapshots so as to cover >360°. Then, the goal is to detect keypoints in overlapping pictures, use bundle adjustment to infer the parameters of the camera, which we use to reproject the image using a cylindrical coordinate system. By taking vertical slits from different snapshots and blending them together, we are able to obtain a complete panorama viewed from two different points. It then allows us to do fancy things, such as projecting both pictures onto a circular screen, thus experiencing a real 3D panorama.

Anyway, if you’re interested to read more, you shall find a report (in French) of my work here, along with the source code of the project.