Present Phd Students


  1. 2019-2024: Fadi Al Ghwanmeh, enrolled at University of Lorraine and university of Oslo, NLP Based Automatic instrumental Improvisation with control allowing a real-time and customized influence on individual, cotutelle with  University of Oslo Department of Musicology.
  2. 2019-2024 : Yohannes Biadglglne, « Machine translation for under-resourced language, the case of the Amharic language, University of Khartoum, Sudan
  3. 2022-2025 : Ouahab Hocini, « Unmasking the Synthetic: Methods for Detecting and Tracking Deep Fakes »
  4. 2023-2026 : Yassine Toughari,  » Unveiling Arabic Fake News: Leveraging Multi-Modal Knowledge for Detection and Tracking