I am part of team Neurorhythms :

Presentation :

The team aims at understanding the dynamics of neural systems and develops methods to invent monitoring devices and interacting solutions for medical procedures. The approach is inspired by systems neuroscience, which relates microscopic modifications in neural systems to macroscopic changes in behavior. The team will employ this systems neuroscience approach and will develop models and data analysis tools bridging the gap between microscopic and mesoscopic, and mesoscopic and behavior activity. These bridges are necessary to better understand neural systems and, in turn, control the neural system. They also may allow to develop brain activity monitors and brain-machine interfaces utilizing the derived principles. As a long-term goal, the team shall develop such devices in medicine.

Research activities :

  • Relation of microscopic activity of single neurons and populations on a mesoscopic scale
  • Functional bridge between mesoscopic population activity, their network and macroscopic behavior