Research Interests

I am a member of the MOCQUA team. My research interests are in quantum computation and quantum information theory, as well as algorithms and computational complexity. Within quantum computation, my main focus is on properties and applications of different representations of quantum computations, in particular graphical formalisms such as the ZX-calculus and the one-way model of measurement-based quantum computing. Within algorithms and computational complexity, I am particularly interested in the complexity of counting problems in the holant and counting CSP frameworks (which are closely related to certain notions of classical simulation of quantum computations).

I am an editor for the open-access Quantum Journal.

I am also interested in equality and diversity issues in computer science teaching.

PhD students

  • Tommy McElvanney (University of Birmingham, 2020-)
  • Piotr Mitosek (University of Birmingham, 2021-)
  • George Kaye (University of Birmingham, 2020-)

Upcoming Events