Monique Teillaud

The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

Work in progress (see here)
  • triangulations in the hyperbolic plane
  • triangulations of hyperbolic surfaces
  • triangulations on the sphere

3D Triangulations

3D Periodic Triangulations

Kernels for Curved Objects

(Image by Pierre Alliez)

(Image by Manuel Caroli - larger version)

(Image by Pierre Alliez)
maintainer of the CGAL packages:
Triangulation in 3D and Triangulation Data Structure in 3D
  • CGAL Releases 2.1, 2.2
  • CGAL Releases 2.3 and further in collaboration with Sylvain Pion

CGAL 3D triangulations in Matlab, see here.

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maintainer of the CGAL package:
3d Periodic Triangulations

  • CGAL Release 3.5 and further in collaboration with Manuel Caroli
  • CGAL Release 4.11 and further in collaboration with Aymeric Pellé and Mael Rouxel-Labbé

3D Periodic Meshes

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CGAL package:
3D Periodic Mesh Generation

  • CGAL Release 4.13 and further in collaboration with Mikhail Bogdanov, Aymeric Pellé, and Mael Rouxel-Labbé

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Monique Teillaud